Repair Workshop at System Source Following Swap Meet

There will be a repair workshop following the swap meet starting at 2PM until 7PM

Signup here:

The Vintage Computer Federation and the System Source Computer Museum are hosting a vintage computer workshop on Saturday June 18th  from 2PM until 7:30PM (following the swap meet) and Sunday June 19th 2022 from 9AM to 5PM at:

System Source Computer Museum
338 Clubhouse Rd
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
GPS locationGoogle Maps
PHONE: 410-952-9140

Plenty of free parking, short walk from Baltimore’s light rail (Gilroy Road Stop)

ON SATURDAY, June 18 we will open at 2PM following the swap meet and will lock up by 7:30 PM.

ON SUNDAY, June 19: We will open at 9:00 AM and lock up at 5:00 PM



Feel free to talk with others about sharing a room.

Food:   There are plenty of restaurants within a short drive.   We will have a catered Indian buffet on Saturday at cost ($12.00?) and catered Barbecue ($12.00?) on Sunday for those who are interested.

We will feature tours of the museum throughout both days and several mini-workshops:

  • Retrobright workshop(bring your yellowed plastics)
  • Lots of New vintage computers from the DigiBarn Collection
  • Hot Metal Typesetting (3500 lb word processor)
How the Repair Workshops work:

Repair workshops are events which are open to the general public where members of all levels technical abilities and experience get together to help each other repair vintage computer hardware. Usually, we will have a signup Google Sheet where we let others know what we are working on and which items we are bringing for repair. This helps others know if they want to work together or just bring tool or software to help with your project. The signup sheet also helps the organizers to plan on how many are coming.

We have been doing the repair workshops for several years at InfoAge and try to do them once per month. We have done them at System Source for a few years and do them once or twice per year. The repair workshop at InfoAge has a fee to rent the rooms while the repair workshop at System Source is no charge. Each location has a different time schedule. Check on the individual pages for more information.


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