VCF Livestream with Liza Loop, Cynthia Solomon, Margaret Morabito and Brian Silverman

Educational technology in the 70’s and 80’s.

Streaming Saturday, September 16 at 6:30PM EDT on VCF’s YouTube channel: This will be a moderated discussion by Jeffrey Brace who will ask them questions about how they used early computers to teach students. Questions will be taken from the public.

Discord discussion: ed-tech (
VCF’s YouTube channel:

We’ve come a long way, but we’re set for another edition of VCF West, 20+ years removed from the picture above!

Please join us on Friday August 4th and Saturday August 5th at the Computer History Museum for what promises to be an amazing show!

We’ve set records for exhibitors (56!) and speakers with our first, the amazing Jeri Ellsworth, kicking off festivities at 10:00 AM on Friday!  Gates will open at 9:30 to get everyone seated in time! Book your tickets now!  Or pay at the door when you arrive.

If you’re a collector looking to add or subtract from your collection it looks like our consignment space will be overflowing with goodies! Sellers need to sign up in advance, so please hit that link above!

See you soon!

System Source Swap Meet July 21 2023

System Source Swap Meet

System Source will be having a Swap Meet on July 22, 2023

Click HERE for Swap Meet Vendor Signup

Vendor Setup at 7AM
Vintage Computers & Electronics, Radios, TVs, Amateur Radio, Other Tech
Saturday, July 22, 2023
Rain Date: Sunday July 23, 2023
*Outdoor swap Meet*
System Source Computer Museum
338 Clubhouse Rd
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
GPS locationGoogle Maps
PHONE: 410-952-9140
Flyer: Click Here!
VENDOR COST is per space. First space is $20, each additional space is $10.

This time it is an outdoor swap meet. Bring your own table or rent one for $15. Table isn’t required, but recommended.

A space is considered a 9 feet by 18 foot area (the general size of a parking space).
* Reservation doesn’t guarantee sales.
* System Source is only providing a space, vendors must bring their own tables.
* All items that you bring must be taken with you. No items are to be left behind.
* Inside bathrooms on site.
* No refunds.
* We will have sodas and Subway for sale
SELL LIST: Anyone interested in sharing what they will be bringing can list it HERE

WANT TO BUY LIST: Anyone interested in sharing what they want to buy can list it HERE


We are open from 2PM to 5PM:

Bob Roswell


VCF West 2023 Update

Planning for VCF West 2023 is moving along nicely!  This is a good thing since there is less than a month left!

The show will take place on FRIDAY AUGUST 4th and SATURDAY August 5th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Please note that this year’s show is Friday and Saturday. There is no event on Sunday for 2023.

The Exhibitor list has been posted and registration is now closed. Amazingly, we have more exhibits than we’ve ever had before!

If you missed the deadline please contact us via the link on the Exhibitor page and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

For those already registered, look for an email containing our standard set of Exhibitor instructions in the coming days.

Our cast of Speakers is absolutely outstanding this year! This will be finalized along with a schedule in the very near future. Thanks to Bil Herd and others we have a packed speaker schedule with tons of exciting talks!

We have a new space for Consignment this year!  We’ll have lots more room and a more streamlined system. This will, however, require some extra help from those participating in consignment. The instructions on our page will be updated very soon.

Thank you all for the encouragement and support.  This show can’t happen without you all. 

VCF June 10 Swap Meet Update

Hello everyone,

After careful consideration, looking at the weather forecasts and Air Quality Index, we have chosen to go ahead with our swap meet as planned. We still recommend that everyone wear a high quality mask as a precaution. On the bright side, the temperature is expected to be about 76 degrees with 25% chance of rain. New this year is food for sale in the parking lot by a non-profit firehouse museum.

Vendor setup starts at 7AM and buyers can come starting at 8AM.

We are expecting 50 vendors with 75 spaces and 250 buyers. There was a huge demand for consignment at VCF East 2023 this year, therefore we are expecting a record number of buyers and sellers. Lots of people coming from near and far!

Information is on this webpage:

There is still plenty of spaces available for vendors, who can sign up here:

Thank you everyone for your patience as we evaluated our decision.

See you there on Saturday, June 10, 2023!


VCF Swap Meet June 10, 2023

VCF will be having another Swap Meet this coming June 10 from 8AM to 2PM for the general public and 7AM for vendors.

Signup here to reserve a spot.

Same place as the previous swap meets in the big parking lot on Monmouth Boulevard in Wall, NJ.

A change for this year is that we will have some food being sold by the South Monmouth Fire Museum. This will be a fundraiser for them and a welcome service for our attendees.

All the information that you need is here:

VCF West 2023 is a GO!

It has been a long time coming, but we’ve finally made arrangements to have a 2023 VCF West.

I’ll share some of the boring details later, but, for now, I want to encourage everyone interested in this year’s show to get ready for a great event, but one with a very short runway.  So get those exhibits prepared and registered, get those talks planned and free up your time for FRIDAY AUGUST 4th and SATURDAY August 5th.

Yes, you read that right.  One of the big hang-ups with getting 2023 off of the ground was that our traditional, and preferred, venue, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, is not available for Sunday on our normal show weekend.

So this year’s event will be Friday and Saturday with setup on Thursday.

While this scheduling issue was the main holdup to getting the show off of the ground – It took a while to come to terms with the CHM for the rental, dates, etc. and that’s on me – the good news is that the CHM are very excited to have us back and they will help us promote the show, hopefully increasing our attendance even with the awkward days.

That said I do apologize profusely for the delays and inconvenience this will cause.  I also apologize for “ignoring” most of the emails from folks asking about our progress.  I really wasn’t sure until just today that the show would even go on and I didn’t want to spur a rumor mill in advance of an announcement.

Thankfully the announcement is a positive one!

Exhibitor registration is now open.  Because of the short timelines I’m encouraging everyone to sign up ASAP.

The same goes for speakers.  If you’d like to speak at the show please let me know soon.

Thank you all for the encouragement and support.  This show can’t happen without you all.  Once again I apologize for compressing all of the planning.  This won’t happen again.

VCF East 2023 is coming! April 14, 15, 16.

VCF East 2023 will be again at The InfoAge Science and History Museums in Wall, NJ.

The dates are April 14, 15, & 16. Updated information can be found here:

We will have a great lineup of speakers and exhibitors!

Click here for the VCF East main page:

Exhibitor Registration
Vendor Registration
Volunteer Registration:
Speaker Registration


IBM 1130 Repair Fundraiser

The Vintage Computer Federation has started a fundraiser for our IBM 1130 computer. We are looking to repair and restore this machine to operating condition. To accomplish this, we will need two things: Funds to repair and an expert to repair it.


As of November 14, 2022, we have reached our goal of $6000! Thank you so much to everyone that donated! We will leave the fundraiser open until the end date of November 30. Anything over our goal will be used for any unexpected expenses as well as getting the peripherals connected to it working such as the card reader and card puncher.

Thank you everyone who has contributed so far!

Donate by clicking this fundraising link IBM 1130 Repair Fundraiser.  We have found an expert in the repair of this computer: Carl Claunch. He is well known in the vintage computer community as a renown and accomplished expert in restoring IBM 1130 computers. After several weeks, we have not achieved our goal of $6000 and our deadline of October 31 to take advantage of our scheduled transportation.

Our IBM 1130 has been on display for several years at The Vintage Computer Museum in Wall, NJ at InfoAge Science and History Museums (formerly Camp Evans).

The IBM 1130 is an early example of what became commonly known as minicomputers (smaller than room-size); one computer for one person. It is also unique in the sense that there are only a small number in existence, and few are functional.

We take pride in the fact that many, in fact most, artifacts displayed in our museum are functional and provide an interactive experience for our museum visitors. We now have an opportunity to add the IBM 1130 to the list of functional artifacts!

A long-time friend of VCF who lives in Florida, Carl Claunch, has experience in successfully restoring these computers to a functional state. Mr. Claunch is not able to travel to us to perform the work, so we need to transport the computer to and from his residence. As you can imagine, this presents various challenges, but we believe this is a very worthwhile effort. To ignore this opportunity to engage with this expert would be a regrettable, permanent loss for our museum.

To move forward with this project, *we need your support*. We need to raise approximately $6,000 to cover shipping and other expenses involved in the repair. Funds donated will be used for expenses related to this repair project and operating costs of the IBM 1130 computer. Funds received that are in excess of the needs of this project will be directed to the restoration and preservation of other artifacts in our collection.

We need to acknowledge that, in a project like this, there is no guarantee of success. We cannot predict issues that may occur during transportation. Additionally, insurmountable problems may be revealed during the repair process that would cause the computer to remain non-functional, and there could be other issues that we can only imagine. Therefore, as hopeful as we are for success, there are no guarantees, and we cannot make any promises. For this reason, we must clearly state that your donation is NOT refundable.

In recognition of your support, you have the option to include your name on a donor plaque (or another suitable memorial, to be determined) which will be proudly displayed along with the computer in our museum.

Please follow this link to reach the donation page on our website. We ask that you please act soon and consider donating to this important historic project. We have a delivery window of October 31 so we greatly appreciate your support.

We hope that you will participate in this endeavor. Please share this with like-minded individuals and organizations who may also be interested in helping to preserve computing history.