Repair Workshops

Repair workshops are events which are open to the general public where members of all levels technical abilities and experience get together to help each other repair vintage computer hardware. Repair workshops are a chance to work with other VCF members to help repair your vintage artifact. We are not there to do repairs for you, only to allow you the facilities and partnership to help you figure out how to repair it. Repair workshops are held about 9 times per year at the InfoAge location in Wall, NJ, 2 times per year at the System Source location, and 1 time per year at the Kennett Classic location.

Please check the individual location pages for specific information, dates and schedule.

Repair Workshops @ InfoAge (Wall, NJ)

Repair Workshops @ System Source (Hunt Valley, NJ)

Repair Workshops @ Kennett Classic (Kennett Square, PA)

For questions, please e-mail