Museum Mission Statement

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The Mission and Vision of the Vintage Computer Federation Museum in Wall, NJ

A Computer History Learning Center


To honor and propagate the history of computer innovation by preserving and exhibiting artifacts in a uniquely hands-on experience for the education of the public, edification of our membership, and inspiration of a new generation of thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries.


Develop a growing museum and knowledgeable docent staff. Rescue, preserve, and restore artifacts. Create interesting, educational, functional, and interactive exhibits.

Establish educational tours, demonstrations, talks, and hands-on learning opportunities around the multi-faceted technological evolutions in computer subjects. These include hardware, operating systems, programming languages, applications/software, user interfaces, communications and networking, and gaming.

Instill an appreciation of the evolution of technology by connecting tech of the past to tech of today.

Illuminate our artifacts with information about the people, events, culture, and trivia in computer history.

Inspire youth to continue the quest; help them realize that they are the future and give them a vision for that future. Provide avenues for them to get started learning electronics and programming.

Cultivate a community of vintage technology enthusiasts by engaging them with the VCF in its mission, and provide opportunities to get involved.

Grow the museum by promoting far and wide its value and educational experience. Increase attendance and revenue to InfoAge, encourage the increase in donations to the VCF. Establish that we are worthy of being the beneficiaries of significant, notable, or important artifact donations and monetary support, in particular from industry and influential entities.


● To be regarded as a premier computer history learning center and museum
● To be regarded as a must-see destination for all levels of interest, from those casually intrigued with computer history to students studying technology to technology industry veterans to vintage computer hobbyists
● To embody these goals both in our current museum even more so in our future expanded museum

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