Repair Workshops @ InfoAge


October 28 & 29, 2023 =Repair Workshop Sign Up Here
November 18 & 19 = Repair Workshop Sign Up Here

1) CDL’s Hackerspace in building 9059
2) Building 9032-A (overflow room connected to main building)
Saturday START time == 10 A.M. END time == 11PM.
Sunday START time == 10 A.M. and END == 5 P.M.

$15 per person, per day.

$25 per night for those wanting to stay overnight in the visitor center’s bunk beds


Bring your own pillow, blankets, soap etc. We provide a bed frame and an uncovered mattress. There are showers and a kitchen for your use.

– Payments outside our VCF Event Registration System can pay via PayPal to paypal at vcfed DOT org. or to me via cash or credit card in person.


– VCF will provide a table and you can use any available electrical outlet.
– Bring your own tools, power strips, power cords, and supplies etc.

– If you need particular tools that you don’t own or particular parts, please let others know that you need something. They may have what you need. Let them know ahead of time.

– Let everyone know what project you are working on ahead of time to inspire collaboration.

You should bring your own. We have a refrigerator in CDL to keep them cold. VCF will buy some water and soft drinks for member use.


Saturday afternoon:
Everyone is on their own, but often we pool money and order pizza.
Saturday Night Dinner at 7PM?:
We often will go out to dinner together.
Sunday Morning:
We will either order bagels or go to a diner.
Sunday Afternoon:
Everyone is on their own, but often we pool money and order pizza.

Please close the gate behind you at all times. We want to make sure that museum visitors pay at the InfoAge front desk during museum hours.

Park in the main parking lot, unless you are unloading. Don’t park on the lawn.

PHONE: (7 3 2 ) 7 2 2 – 5 0 1 5

Have fun everyone! 😀