Other Events

Vintage Computer Federation operates the Vintage Computer Festival East (New Jersey), Vintage Computer Festival West (Silicon Valley), and Vintage Computer Festival Pacific-Northwest. We actively consider events for other locations. (Contact us to inquire about having an event in your area.)

We are supporters of the independently-owned Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (Atlanta), Vintage Computer Festival Italia (Rome).

Other events that we do not own, but which are equally awesome, include festivals in Germany (Munich) and Midwest (Chicago).

There are many other non-VCF vintage computing events which we love! Significant ones include  CoCo Fest, Commodore Retro ExpoCommVEx, DEC Legacy, DEF CON, HOPE, HP Handheld ConferenceKansasFest (Apple II), Tandy Assembly, and World of Commodore.

What other major events should we support? Tell us! Email jeffrey@vcfed.org.