VCF PNW – Consignment

VCF PNW 2020 will have an area set aside for consignment sales again. Consignment sales are open to everybody, not just VCF exhibitors! This is a great way to get rid of your surplus vintage equipment or pick up something new and exciting. You can sell (or find!) old computers, peripherals, accessories, modern kits, documentation, books, and all sorts of treasures in consignment – it is almost a computer show within the computer show.

Here is a quick overview of how it works:

  • Figure out what you want to sell. Test it, clean it, and provide accessories to get a better price.
  • Fill in the paperwork so that we can properly track your item and process a sale.  We encourage you to fill in the PDF forms on a computer to ensure they are readable.
  • VCF volunteers monitor the consignment area and do the work to sell your item.  You just show up at the end to either collect your money or bring your unsold items home.
  • VCF takes a 15% commission on your sales which we use to make the event possible.

The VCF Consignment FAQ and Forms page has the general instructions for all VCF shows.  Here are some notes specific to VCF PNW.

  • To sell your stuff in our consignment area please bring it on Friday March 20th between 4pm and 7pm.  (We have a small window to do load-in for the show without interfering with normal museum operations.)
  • If Friday afternoon doesn’t work then Saturday morning will work too, but we might be busy so it will be slower.  Also, space is first come, first served.
  • Please try to have your consignment paperwork filled out before you arrive; it saves everybody time.
  • All items must be marked with your name or initials and a price tag.  Items that are sold as a group should be marked or packaged as such in an obvious manner.
  • All unsold items must be picked up Sunday after the show closes at 5pm.  Payouts will also happen at that time. We will have to dispose of any unclaimed items, so please pick them up!

Please see the VCF Consignment FAQ and Forms page for the rest of the details.

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