VCF East 2023 Saturday Roundtable

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Saturday, April 15 from 3PM to 5PM

Join us for an unscripted roundtable discussion featuring your favorite web casters and YouTubers as they delve into their passion for retro technology! From vintage computers, gaming consoles, and software to classic gadgets and the early days of the internet, this engaging conversation will take you on a nostalgic journey through the evolution of technology.

Dave Murray — (The 8-Bit Guy)

Hello, my name is David, otherwise known on YouTube as The 8-Bit Guy. I used to work for Mouser Electronics and AST Computer back in the 1990s. Now I make videos mostly about vintage computers and electronics projects, but sometimes even electric vehicles or solar power. I’ve also produced several video games such as Planet X3 and Attack of the Petscii Robots, which now runs on over 20 platforms. I’m currently focused on bringing my dream computer, The Commander X16, to market.

Bil Herd — (Hackaday)

Bil Herd is a computer engineer and designer who gained prominence for his work at Commodore International in the 1980s. During his time at the company, Herd contributed to the development of several iconic products, including the Commodore Plus/4, C16/116, C264, and C364 machines. Bil Herd designed the significantly more successful Commodore 128, a dual-CPU, triple-OS, compatible successor to the Commodore 64. He was known for his technical expertise, innovation, and creative problem-solving skills.
After leaving Commodore in the late 1980s, Herd continued to work in the
technology industry, developing products for various companies and
contributing to the advancement of computer hardware and software. Today,
he is recognized as a pioneer in the field of personal computing and remains an
influential figure in the industry.

Michael StanhopeMike’s Mac Shack

At the age of 5, my father bought our very first computer, a Sinclair ZX-81. It was the most disappointing “computer” that was ever made, and did not last long in our house. However, it ignited something inside of us! Several years later, we got an IBM PC XT compatible, and upon learning all of the DOS commands that could be learned, I was hooked!
Some of my favorite systems include the IBM PS/2 series and the Macintosh
512KE. I’ve always had my Macs and PCs side-by-side. I enjoy tinkering with
electronics of all kinds, especially mini-laptops, oddball computers, and antique
electro-mechanical devices. I’m also interested in mechanical things too!

Steve Matarazzo — (Mac 84)

I’m Steve from the Mac84 YouTube channel. My channel serves as my creative outlet and combines my love of art, technology, and sharing knowledge. My videos range from getting started videos to help you get into old Macs, marathon-long repair live streams, and deep-dives into forgotten bits of Apple’s history, like the Macintosh Clone era.
I have a deep passion for preserving and archiving computer history. From
floppy disks, to computer manuals, to stories from people who helped make it
all happen, I strongly believe in the importance of celebrating and cherishing
these artifacts for generations to come.

Sean Malseed — (Action Retro)

Going under the name Action Retro on YouTube, Sean is an enthusiast of
vintage computer shenanigans. With a special place in his heart for old
Macs, Sean also tinkers with everything from going online with a 1970’s
Sol-20 to gaming on a 90’s industrial wall-mounted PC.