VCF East 2023 – Talks

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Byron Stout — Modern Tools for Commodore 64 Sprite Animation
Maki KatoVerifiable Credentials: Intro and a discussion about how we might use them as a community
Leo Binkowski (Virtual) — The Ghost of NABU Past
Alastair Hewitt — Novasaur TTL Retrocomputer
Jim Hall (Virtual) – Toy CPU
Brian Johnson — Emulating the NABU PC


Adrian Wilson — Quantel’s Paintbox: The Computer That Changed What We See
Thomas CherryHomes — #FujiNet – Latest Editions
Jerry Crisci — I Was There for the Revolution: Lessons and Reflections from 35 Years in EdTech
Liza Loop — Computer Literacy in the 70’s and 80’s.
Margaret Morabito — The Early Years of Online Education
Jeri Ellsworth — From C64 DTV to Tilt Five: A lifelong passion for gaming and inventing


Christian Berger — An introduction to teletext

Christian Berger works remotely in the signaling team of a telephone company in Düsseldorf. As a hobby he operates an instance of the Bildschirmtext service, an early German online service provided by the postal company. He does see vintage- and retro-computing as a means to describe technology in a more pure and simple way.

Byron Stout — What can vintage computing tell us about the next generation of Engineers?
Jason Perkins — 40 Years of Apple Lisa – Now with Source!

Cynthia Solomon and Brian Silverman — 20 Things to do with a computer thanks to Seymour Papert & Marvin Minsky.

This talk will focus on Logo and turtle geometry building on the hacker’s world at the MIT AI Lab in the 60s and ending with today’s TurtleArt and TurtleStitch.


Frank O’Brien — Flying to the Moon: A view from the Apollo Guidance Computer
Michael Casedevall — The Unseen World of PowerPC
Liza Loop — Computer Literacy 2023: What you need to know about computers today.

Updated April 9 2023.