Vintage Computer Festival(s) in Atlanta and Rome are complete!

Congratulations to our partners at Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (via the Atlanta Historical Computing Society) and Vintage Computer Festival Italia (via the Vintage Computer Club Italia) for their successful events last weekend and this weekend! Both groups posted pictures on their Facebook pages: Southeast, Italia.

Next up are our two flagships: Vintage Computer Festival East (May 18-20) and Vintage Computer Festival West (August 4-5). There’s also a great fall event, Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, hosted by our friends at Chicago Classic Computing.

Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 — even more!

One more new added benefit… aside from FREE ADMISSION

We will also have a sneak preview screening and feedback session for an upcoming documentary Love Notes to Newton (click link for trailer).

We’ve also revealed our shirt design for VCF SE 6.0! (we will make them available to folks who are unable to attend, please contact Earl Baugh for more info)….

To get a flavor of what you might see…

Admission is now FREE at VCF Southeast 6.0!

A pleasant change has come to the VCF SE 6.0 event — ADMISSION IS FREE!

The show is opening April 21st… so in just a few days!

The event is taking place at the currently under construction Computer Museum of America in Roswell, Georgia.

Visitors will be able to view the museum’s artifacts and construction in progress through viewing panels but due to the ongoing construction will sadly not be able to tour the new exhibit area. You will be among the first to see architectural plans, a 3D model and exhibit design drawings of the museum.

Also don’t forget the VCF SE 6.0 Show itself!

Learn about the development of the Commodore VIC-20 (the first computer to sell 1 million units) and the creation of our favorite text-based adventure games with our two keynotes speakers: Michael Tomczyk and Scott Adams!

We have 32+ exhibits so far. A highlight will be to come see two kickstarter backed replica projects: the Open Enigma and Open DSKY (Apollo Guidance Computer). The creators of these kits will be present at the show. If you get inspired, you will be able to pick up a kit as they will have some on hand.