VCF East in the mirror, VCF Europa this weekend!

Vintage Computer Festival East was awesome. Several hundred people attended. Event staff heard tons of positive remarks about the keynote speakers, the venue’s new (Federation-run) computer museum, and the quality of the show exhibits.

Many people posted their pictures of the exhibit hall (usually taken off-hours, which is why there aren’t many people blocking the view). Here are a few of the galleries:

Bill Degnan’s pictures

Mike Loewen’s pictures

Herb Johnson’s pictures

Dan Roganti’s pictures

We will add more as they go online. We’ll also post some video soon!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the Vintage Computer Festival Europa this weekend in Munich, Germany!

VCF East is one week away!

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…. there probably won’t be any comedic puppets but you will have just as much fun at the Vintage Computer Festival East next week.

Come see TWO original Apple 1 computers and a Kenbak-1. DEC minicomputers, Altairs, Commodores, and everything else. There will be several dozen hands-on exhibits of your favorite 1960s-1980s systems. You’ll also see our newly doubled-in-size computer museum, plus all the other museums at the InfoAge Science Center campus which hosts us.

Classes start Friday. Exhibits are Saturday and Sunday, when kids get in free!

Stop by during the weekend and we promise you’ll have an incredibly fun experience at the VCF East. Pro tip: save time getting in by purchasing your tickets in advance.