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    • Bill Mensch: “The Western Design Years” (Interviewed by Stephen Edwards) – Bill recounts his years at after he left Commodore.
    • Dr. Ted Nelson – An American pioneer of information technology, philosopher, and sociologist. designed the Xanadu hypertext software and wrote the two-in-one personal computing book, Computer Lib / Dream Machines, in 1974. His work deeply influenced the personal computing revolution. Ted earned two Ph.D.s and penned several other well-regarded academic papers and books about ethical, historical, and moral issues in computing.
    • Scott Adams: “The story of Adventure International” – Scott will tell about the founding of his company in 1979 and the games that he developed over the years.
    • Bil Herd – History of Commodore Part 2
    • Michael Tomczyk: “Vic-20 Product development” – Michael will talk about the development of the Commodore Vic-20 computer.
    • Stefany Allaire: “The C256 Foenix”. How she went about creating the C256 Foenix – From Concept to finished product
    • Wil Lindsay: “Atari Adventure: Colossal Cave without the Text”
      This talk looks at the surprising relationship between Warren Robinett’s game, “Adventure” for the Atari 2600 and William Crowther’s well known text adventure Colossal Cave.
    • Brian L. StuartENIAC programming
      The ENIAC is famous for being hard to program.  We will
      be examining this reputation by looking at the machine
      from the perspective of its programmers.  In
      particular, the presentation focuses on the programming
      of the demonstration performed as part of the unveiling
      75 years ago and concludes with a reenactment of that
    • Bill Mauchly (son of John Mauchly) – Giant Brains
      The Story of the ENIAC and the people inside it.

      Pres Eckert was only 23 when he teamed with John Mauchly to design a machine, both immense and risky, that could compute electronically.  “Top Men” all expected them to fail.  Bill, as the son of one of the inventors and one of the programmers, has the inside story, and pictures too.
    • David Ahl – Founder of Creative Computing magazine. He is also the author of many how-to books, including BASIC Computer Games, the first computer book to sell more than a million copies.
Updated October 4, 2021.