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Updated October 8, 2020.

VCF East 2020 will be a virtual show only.

Any questions:

VCF East 2020 is October 10th & 11th, 2020.

The overall theme this year is The 6502 Processor in remembrance of Chuck Peddle and the 45th anniversary of its creation. In addition to 6502 themed exhibits we need a wide array of topics beyond the 6502, as always.

Current registered and approved exhibits are listed below. If you don’t see your exhibit listed here we are trying to confirm something with you. Check your email.

Currently Registered exhibits

Ted Nelson’s Vision by Eric Rangell – He will show demos of software related to Ted Nelson’s ideas on an Apple //c, Apple IIgs, and Mac SE/30. He briefly walks through the exhibit that he built and show how it uses HyperDuino for narration of the exhibit. Demos of Ted’s Xanadu and Zigzag ideas will also be shown and briefly discussed.

The Interactive Atari by Jason Moore

The LinoType Machine by Bob Roswell

6502s Graphics Evolution – Alex Jaccoks, Jonathan Sturges – We will compare and contrast the original Apple II and Commodore PET, to show the first generation of 6502 home computers.

Commodore Vic-20 Fully Loaded by Jeff Salzman

PDP-8  Plotter by David Gesswein –

The interactive Atari 6502 by Jason Moore

Yamaha C1 – 286 DOS – Music Computer – Ethan O’Toole

Serial Terminals – Eric Siegel

Ethan Dicks – 6502: The First Five Years. Machines from 1976-1980 (Kim-1 to Vic-20). Commodore PET, 32K PET, AIM-64, Vic-20, SYM-1.