VCF East – Classes

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VCF East offers a full day of classes on Friday, May 18. We’re expecting to have 15 classes. The following classes are confirmed so far. Times and room locations will be announced when the event nears. Topics subject to change.

Note: Want to teach a class? Contact with your idea.

Vintage Computing With FPGAs — Stephen Edwards

Atari 8-Bit Computer Repair — Bill Lange

Collection Building — Dean Notarnicola

Collection Disbersement — Bob Roswell

DEC VAX 101 — Bill Degnan

Lego Robotics for 8-Bit Computers — Evan Koblentz

CRT Repair & Safety — Ian Primus

6502 Assembly Programming — Mouse Kelly

Fun With Reverse Engineering — Dave Riley

Vintage Computer Emulation With Raspberry Pi — Dave Test

Apple Lisa 101 — Jason Perkins

Fundamentals of Logic Circuits — Chris Fala

Emulating the MOBIDIC — Jeff Salzman

Irata.Online PLATO Simulator — Thom Cherryhomes