Vintage Computer Festival West XI

VCF West is back!!!

VCF West is for everyone! Computer geeks, families/children, students, collectors, IT professionals, curious onlookers…

When: August 6-7, 2016

Where: Computer History Museum, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, California (Google map, directions, lodging)

Hours: Saturday, 9:30-6:00, Sunday, 9:00-5:30

Tickets — Now available!

Exhibits (and exhibit registration) — Hands-on exhibits are presented Saturday and Sunday. You’ll find demos of 1960s minicomputers, 1970s homebrew systems, 1980s eight-bitters, and a few oddities. Some exhibits contain pristine original machines, while others focus on unique modern hacks, and everything in between.

Speakers — Come see our impressive keynote speakers! This year you can learn about CP/M vs. MS-DOS, early computer gaming, and much more.

Celebration Apple 1 — Our friends at CharityBuzz are auctioning what may be the rarest Apple-1 in existence. Come see it at the show!

Consignment — Vintage Computer Festivals are not flea/swap events, however we do offer a consignment room. Complete the form and we’ll try our best to sell your on-topic items. Our fee is 15% of final sales.

Food — Where they are computer nerds, there must be food! Items such as bagels, muffins, coffee, snacks, hot dogs, soft drinks, etc. will be available.

Don’t forget — CHM is the world’s best computer museum, and it will be fully open during VCF West. Do not miss your chance to see their incredible exhibits.

Contacts: VCF West Producer — Erik Klein (, Vintage Computer Federation President — Evan Koblentz (