VCF West 2022, Aug 6 & 7! Great speakers, exhibits and consignment!

VCF West is breaking records for VCFs with more exhibits and more speakers than ever! We won’t have 12 original Apple 1s, as in this photo, but there will be several there for you to see, including the first ever! There will be lots of other great exhibits with the current list here. Speakers are selected and can be found here. Lee Felsenstein will be there to give a talk about his Pennywhistle along with almost a dozen other speakers. Consignment, as always, will be very active with more space than ever with lots of sellers bringing lots of awesome stuff. If you are interested in consignment, look here.

The show will be August 6 & 7, 2022 at The Computer History Museum. Show information can be found here. Tickets can be pre-bought on Eventbrite. The first 100 Two day ticket buyers get a unique custom badge for this event.

Other VIPs who will be at the show include Liza Loop and Dan Kottke.


  1. I have a Butler in a Box original sales kit in its carrying case. It includes the Butler, a Powerhouse maxi-controller, 2 appliance modules, one lamp module, a Ram Pack 7000 (a Ram based storage cartridge, a small fan and a small light (for demo), the owners guide with PIN number and a sales brochure. Hasn’t been touched in nearly 40 years, so I opened it and plugged it in. Put in the pin, and it proceeded to “ Operations”. Don’t plan to use it, but thought it might belong in a museum.
    Where can I sell it? Any ideas for me?
    Thanks for your help…

    1. Hello Valerie,

      You can sell it at VCF West on August 6 & 7 in our consignment area. Where are you located?

    1. Hello Jerry,

      Very soon. Erik is finalizing the schedule. There was some last minute changes.
      Let me see if he has it ready yet.

  2. This might be a late request, but a friend and I could showcase some Nascom 2 hardware: the orginal hardware (may work, not guaranteed), along with hardware and software emulators w/much hardware.

    How does one go about requesting a table?

  3. The Mercury News (once the San Jose Mercury News) has an article in this morning’s paper about an Apple I board, probably a prototype, up for auction. The board will be at the VCF at the Computer History Museum this weekend.
    It’s wonderful that the picture in this post shows the Apple I display at the VCF a few years ago. I especially enjoyed reading Corey Cohen’s comments in the article.

    1. We have no idea who created Tacobot. If you have a name of a person, then I can let you know if we have a contact for them.

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