VCFed 2020 T-shirts – Last Call!

VCF events are done for the year, the world is still a mess, and our supply of t-shirts is dwindling! If you were thinking about getting one of these beautiful shirts, now is the time!

Two great colors to chose from, and the back sums up 2020 perfectly! (Green is shown; amber shirts have an amber back as well. Bonus points if you know where the caterpillar comes from.  Hint: it is not from Centipede!)

Your cost for this masterpiece? Just $20 + shipping, and all profits go to support VCFed. The shirts are made for us by A Nova Print in Portland, OR.  Men’s and Women’s sizes are available, but some sizes have already sold out.

More information can be found at


    1. Hello Nancy,

      That was the last call, so the t-shirts are not available for ordering through the website. The remaining shirts are being shipped to the VCF Museum in Wall, NJ. If you are local, then you can pick up one there. We will be selling off the remaining t-shirts to locals, but we aren’t shipping anymore.


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