VCF East Friday Roundtable

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Friday, April 12 from 4PM to 6 PM
Join a roundtable moderated by Sean Malseed of Action Retro as he chats with AmigaBill, AshSaidHi, Lady Ailuros and Ron’s Computer Videos as they provide valuable insights and tips on getting started with broadcasting retro game! Discover and learn about broadcasting with original hardware, explore innovative software solutions, and get guidance on essential budget-friendly tech for your setup. From understanding video connections like composite and component cables to mastering the art of capturing analog sound, we’ll have you ready to confidently share nostalgic gaming experiences in no time!

Moderator = Sean Malseed of Action Retro


Amiga Bill

A Commodore Amiga live streamer on Twitch, YouTube content creator and Founder/President of the Westchester Amiga User Group (WAUG) in Westchester County, NY since 1988. AmigaBill streams every Sunday on and brings the Amiga community together with over 1,000 unique viewers on each stream. He showcases all the latest Amiga news, games, software, and demos while interacting with the vibrant Amiga community. Guests are a big part of AmigaBill’s show as well. He interviews people in the computer industry about their current or past projects. Some of his guests have included Ken and Roberta Williams (Sierra Online), RJ Mical (original Amiga Dev team), David John Plesance (Commodore UK Director), Chris Huelsbeck (Video Game Composer), a plethora of modern game developers, computer artists, and many more.

Ash is the queen of retro streaming. As an entertainer, host and broadcaster her mission is to share her passion for video games. She is driven to connect with her audience through heartfelt conversation and enthusiastic live streaming gameplay. You can find her on Twitch where she broadcasts energetic, wholesome, and family friendly content. She loves Amiga!!!


Kate the Cat, from Apple //c beginnings, now explores various retro platforms. She hosts RetroMetal on Twitch, playing games on vintage machines. Besides her gaming, she’s a high school English teacher, passing on knowledge to the next generation.

Ron’s Computer Videos
Ron McAdams, creator of “Ron’s Computer Videos” on YouTube, is a vintage computing expert. He explores, restores, and teaches about the computers that built today’s digital world. His channel is a treasure trove for tech enthusiasts and historians.