Livestream NABU employees reunion – Sat. Dec. 16, 2023

Former NABU  employees tell stories about this ingenious Canadian made computer from the 80’s.

Streaming Saturday, December 16 at 6:30PM EST on VCF’s YouTube channel. This will be a moderated discussion by Jeffrey Brace.

Discord discussion: #nabu (
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Confirmed speakers:

  • Leo Binkowski – NABU Developer
  • DJ Sures – Executive and son of the founder of NABU
  • John Shortt – Director of Content Development, formerly Games Development Manager, author of Flashcards and one of the major developers for Dig Dug, as well as Manager’s Baseball)
  • Donna Shortt – Education software Developer, responsible for Seasonal Gardening and NABU Basic
  • Tim Ranger, author of Laser Attack and Leo and he also made Q*Bert
  • Eric Mesdag, Engineering Developer, author of MACBETH and one of the main NABU Cable IOS developers
  • MK Marsden – NABU marketing
  • Ed Myers – NABU Educational Marketing
  • Bob McNally – former NABU sales and later Director of Operations of NABU
  • Warren Belkin, developer of the original NABU Main Menu, and my inspiration for buying a motorcycle
  • Bill Bourne – NABU Engineering. Was involved in so many details about the hardware
  • Mike Slinn – one of the two people that designed and built the NABU prototype boards that were used inside the NABU 1100 before they had a NABU PC
  • And more!

Livestream Nov. 11, 2023 – Liza Loop, Cynthia Solomon, Brian Silverman, Margaret Morabito

Educational technology in the 70’s and 80’s.

Streaming Saturday, November 11 at 6:30PM EST on VCF’s YouTube channel. This will be a moderated discussion by Jeffrey Brace who will ask them questions about how they used early computers to teach students. Questions will be taken from the public.

Discord discussion: ed-tech (

Introducing VCF SoCal!

Introducing VCF SoCal!

We’re pleased to announce the newest addition to the Vintage Computer Festival lineup – VCF SoCal in Orange, California on Presidents’ Day weekend, February 17-18, 2024.

Tickets will be on sale shortly, but hotel rooms are available to be booked now. Visit for more details.

The city of Orange is in the heart of Orange County, minutes from Disneyland, beaches and skiing – with easy access to John Wayne airport.

Reserve your spot at the retro-filled, inaugural weekend in SoCal!