Livestream NABU employees reunion – Sat. Dec. 16, 2023

Former NABU  employees tell stories about this ingenious Canadian made computer from the 80’s.

Streaming Saturday, December 16 at 6:30PM EST on VCF’s YouTube channel. This will be a moderated discussion by Jeffrey Brace.

Discord discussion: #nabu (
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Confirmed speakers:

  • Leo Binkowski – NABU Developer
  • DJ Sures – Executive and son of the founder of NABU
  • John Shortt – Director of Content Development, formerly Games Development Manager, author of Flashcards and one of the major developers for Dig Dug, as well as Manager’s Baseball)
  • Donna Shortt – Education software Developer, responsible for Seasonal Gardening and NABU Basic
  • Tim Ranger, author of Laser Attack and Leo and he also made Q*Bert
  • Eric Mesdag, Engineering Developer, author of MACBETH and one of the main NABU Cable IOS developers
  • MK Marsden – NABU marketing
  • Ed Myers – NABU Educational Marketing
  • Bob McNally – former NABU sales and later Director of Operations of NABU
  • Warren Belkin, developer of the original NABU Main Menu, and my inspiration for buying a motorcycle
  • Bill Bourne – NABU Engineering. Was involved in so many details about the hardware
  • Mike Slinn – one of the two people that designed and built the NABU prototype boards that were used inside the NABU 1100 before they had a NABU PC
  • And more!

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