Vote for the 2021 Vintage Computer Festival T-shirt Design!

There were 5 designs submitted for this year’s Vintage Computer Festival t-shirt.
Please remember that these are only concept art and not the final product!

Please vote for the one that you like the best!
The one with the most votes will be selected as the new t-shirt design for 2021!

Go to this link to see the designs and to vote HERE


  1. Looks like most people that wanted to vote already did. I’m cutting off the voting this Friday April 2 at midnight and announce the winner on April 3. If anyone hasn’t voted already, then please do so now:

  2. And the winner is … Dragon and Maze Adventure!

    This will be the new t-shirt design for VCFestivals 2021. The national board may refine the design a little, but overall this is the design that got the most votes.

    Thanks everyone for voting. It is greatly appreciated to have our members participate in choosing and it helps us see what all of youze like in design choices.

    So the totals:
    Dragon and Maze = 54
    Raiders of the Lost Text Adventure = 17

  3. Hello Jeffery,
    In consideration to the losing t-shirt designers, I would not have posted the full voting record. It would have been more proper to only announce the winner and maybe the runner up.

    I’m sure you appreciate ALL the efforts of the designers and perhaps you’re planning on compensating them all, but if I had been a losing designer, it would hurt to find out my design received no votes or even very few.

    Well, it can’t be unannounced, so I like to say, I liked all the designs and enjoyed their connection to old time computing (games).

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Darren,

      Thank you for your comment. I can tell you that all, but one of the designers (the runner up) will not ever read this website. They have no interest in vintage computers. In any case, they shouldn’t feel bad about it. If it was me, then I would learn from the design to see what interest people in this hobby. Getting zero votes means they were far from the mark of what people want. We are all adults and disappointment is part of life. You live and learn. I spoke to all of the runner ups and they are disappointed and willing to try again next year. I’m just excited that we had 4 different designers this time. We usually just get one or two!

      I edited the totals in the remote possibility that the designers might read this website. I agree that they don’t need to know the numbers, only the overall result.


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