VCF East 2020 Update – Postponed till October

What a difference 24 hours makes!

Since last night’s announcement, we have now seen various state governments
recommend cancelling all large gatherings in light of the “continued
outbreak and to aggressively mitigate the spread of the virus.” in the
words of the Governor of NJ.

As such, VCF East 2020 will be POSTPONED (not cancelled) until October 10th
through 12th, 2020. This is Saturday through Monday, Columbus Day.

Over the past week we have been actively working on backup plans for VCF
East in the event it had to be postponed, with several different
contingencies planned based on different circumstances that might arise.
While it is unfortunate that such a circumstance has occurred, the VCF
Steering Committee is pleased to inform everyone that we have secured the
dates mentioned above, along with the needed space at the Infoage Science
and History Museums.

Additionally, we have been reaching out to our Keynote Speakers and class
proctors to lock in their availability. We have confirmed that Bill Mensch,
Michael Tomczyk, Bil Herd and David Murray have all confirmed their
availability as of today. We will update the website, class schedules, etc.
over the coming week to reflect the changes in date as well as filling in
who can and cannot attend based on the new days of the event.

Please stay tuned for more updates as the days and weeks go by, and please,
stay safe and healthy!

VCF Steering Committee


    1. Yes. Wheelchair access will be available throughout the areas open to the public. There are ADA ramps in the 3 buildings that will be part of the show. Please let any staff member know if you encounter any problems or need direction to the ADA ramp entrance.

    1. Translation into English: Hopefully this will end sometime.
      It’s annoying for each of us.
      Answer: Yes. I agree. This is a global problem which is disrupting the lives of everyone. I hope that it ends soon and that we can get back to living our lives and enjoying things like vintage computers. However, let’s be patient and safe and make smart choices!

  1. Now I am curious about the consignments room. The page for people who want to do something there, describe the activities as taking place on the second and third days. We are taking place on the 10th and the 11th and the 12th of October. This means we’re opening that room on the 11 or the Sunday? Correct?

    I normally travel in a group, that is three of us make the trip from in my case NYC to a train station in NJ, and then drive to InfoAge. The high point of the trip is for me the consignments room, plus the second day keynote. Then of course the exhibits. I guess I’m used to the regular Friday then Saturday, and then the Sunday, with us being there on the Saturday schedule. But it is good we will be meeting soon.

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