Ragooman has logged off

One of our most senior members, Dan Roganti, computed his last cycle recently. You may know his as “Ragooman” in our forums.  Dan was incredibly friendly to all, always the first to offer technical help, wickedly funny, and insanely smart. He was as happy working on an Apple II or Commodore 64 as he was on an Altair 680 or a IBM system/36. He also drew most of the artwork for the VCF East t-shirts. About two weeks ago, while in hospice care, he asked us to share this video in the event of his passing. It’s funny!! Please watch it, enjoy, and hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. Dan will always be with us — the Force was strong with him.

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  1. Oh-no! 🙁 I met Dan at VCF East a few years ago, and I felt an instant kinship with him as he toiled about the Commodore 64 computers there. He was kind and helpful. I was hoping to meet him again at a future VCF East. Rest in peace, DAn.

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