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This document is the Exhibitor FAQ for VCF East 2021. This is where we keep all of the details for the event that are relevant to exhibitors and speakers.  We regularly make minor edits as things change so check back regularly. If something major changes we will send an email too.

Registration for exhibits is closed!


10/08/2021 –  Friday 8AM to 11:00PM: Load-in exhibits & prep for the show.

Exhibitors can start setting up at 8AM. Park in the main parking lot, then check-in at the front desk to get a badge and instructions on where to unload and setup. After that, find your table and make it look awesome.

Consignment: If you are dropping off items for consignment please show up after 8AM.  See the “Consignment sales” section for details.

10/09/2021 –  Saturday 8:00AM to 5:00PM: Day 1 of the show.

Exhibits will run all day starting at 8:00 AM and run until 5PM. If you are interested in going to a talk, please make sure that you have coverage at your exhibit. You are not chained to your exhibit table, but we want you to be there as much as possible during show hours. There will be many speakers throughout the day. 

10/10/2021 – Sunday 8:00AM to 5:00PM: Day 2 of the show, load-out after 5PM.

Exhibits will run all day starting at 8:00 AM and run until 5PM. If you are interested in going to a talk, please make sure that you have coverage at your exhibit. You are not chained to your exhibit table, but we want you to be there as much as possible during show hours. There will be many speakers throughout the day. 

Please plan on breaking down starting at 5PM.

(Please plan on staying for the entire show; we can accommodate emergencies but we don’t want the show to start emptying out prematurely on Sunday afternoon.)

Everyone will have plenty of time to pack up after the show. Take as long as you need.


Unloading will be behind 9032-A for all exhibitors. Parking will be behind 9032-A during Friday. On Saturday and Sunday parking will be by 9036-A.


The map for the show will be sent out to you soon. It is being updated with some changes and will be available on this website soon as well.

Exhibition Space

The two exhibit areas are marked on the map as Exhibit Hall 1 and Exhibit Hall 2. Hall 1 is the dining room with wood floors, columns and chandeliers while Hall 2 is the larger, square room with concrete floors.

Class Rooms

There are two classrooms (Room 1, Room 2). Room 1 is also the keynote room and has the stage setup, Room 2 is the CDL building (Hackerspace, 9059) with work benches and the classroom area.

Consignment Area

The consignment area will be in The Visitor’s Center (Sandy building), in through the main entrance of 9010-D, left down the hallway, past the cafeteria in the open area of 9010-C. 


Coming soon!!!


Exhibit tables are generally 6 feet long and 3 feet wide.  The tables are rented and wood tables with metal legs and sturdy for most uses. If what you are putting on the table is very heavy please let us know in advance.

Please start by planning to use one table for your exhibit.  Some exhibits are so large that they will require two tables and that is expected but we can’t start by giving everybody multiple tables.  As the show date nears and we know what the exhibits are we will fine tune the space allocation and offer additional space to people who have one table and really need a second table.

Every table will be covered with a black tablecloth.  The tablecloth provides privacy for items you have stored under the table, such as boxes, your food cooler, etc.

Please let us know if the power requirements for your table change; we might have to move tables around if power requirements shift a lot.  Please remember to bring your own power strip with a reasonably sized cord. If you have something precious please plan on bringing a UPS; accidents will happen and power might get dropped temporarily.  (It has never happened at VCF East yet but plan ahead …)

The InfoAge Center does not provide WiFi access yet due to low-bandwidth issues by our cable company. We are working on getting FIOS, but there is no guarantee. InfoAge WiFi is restricted to show administrators.

Posters and wall hangings: you cannot hang things on the walls.  If you need signage you can hang it on the front of the table or use a tripod to stand it up behind the table.


There is no exhibitor fee.

VCF recoups the cost of the show through ticket sales t-shirts, selling swag and the consignment room.  The consignment room is a great opportunity as it gets a lot of foot traffic from people who attend the show; it would be difficult to find a more targeted audience.  Since you are joining us for the event, consider using the consignment area.


Because there is no exhibitor fee we are not providing free T-shirts to exhibitors. T-shirts will be available for sale. Speakers and volunteers will get a free T-shirt!

This year’s t-shirt design is fantastic! 


Vendors will be mixed in with the exhibitors this year. Look here for updated information.

Note: VCF East is not a flea/swap event. Individual sellers should use consignment.

Our swap meet is a separate event during a later part of the year.


Consignment is open to anybody, whether they are attending the show or not … please spread the word.

VCFed will be using a new much larger area for consignment sales.  Consignment sales allow us to connect buyers and sellers of vintage computing related items and it makes a small amount of money for VCFed.  (VCFed takes 15% of the sale price, part of which goes to the credit card transaction fee.)

Look here for update consignment sales information.


Disclaimer: VCF has no experience traveling internationally with vintage computer equipment.

To make it easier to get through customs we can provide each exhibitor traveling from outside of the US with an invitation to the show.  The invitation will include my contact information and details about the show (where, when, purpose, etc.). This invitation is not a legal document but it might help convince a skeptical customs official that people do like vintage computers and that this is just a normal part of the hobby.  I know who our registered exhibitors are but not who else is traveling with them; if you know of somebody who needs a letter please email me with their name, home address, telephone number, and email address. We will generate PDF versions of the letter and email them.

Two helpful sources have introduced me to a new type of customs paperwork – the carnet.  In short, a carnet can be used to temporarily import goods used at exhibitions and fairs.  (Wikipedia has a more thorough description.) This might be a good option if you are traveling with more expensive equipment and you want to avoid tax or import/export discussions during your trip.

Help us advertise the event!

We do a lot of work to advertise the event. If you have an idea of where you would like to help us advertise contact vcfeast AT to see if we have that one covered.

The best advertising that we have is word of mouth, and as a participant in the show you have first-hand knowledge of it.  Tell your friends (in real life and online), hang a poster where you work, etc. (I’ll be working on a flyer in the next few weeks.)

This year we are advertising in more conventional places like newspapers, what to do websites, paper flyers, etc.

Updated September 27, 2021.