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      • Adrian Wilson
        • Considered the first photographer to specialize in manipulation of images using a digital paint system. He began using a Quantel Paintbox in 1986 and his work was commissioned for 1980’s record covers, featured in Cleveland Gallery’s 1988 Art & Computers show and used in the 1989 Siggraph essay “Does ‘Computer Art’ Still Exist?”. Wilson had a 6 week solo show of his 1980’s Paintbox work at Blackpool School of Art earlier this year and owns one of only five Paintboxes in N. America, which has recently been restored to full working order.
        • Wilson will guide us over zoom through the Paintbox’s fantastic but unknown history, its technical and creative background, plus the plans for the future.
        • Adrian’s Biography
      • Neil Harris – One of the VIC-20 Commandos who worked on the highly successful marketing of the Commodore VIC-20. He will tell stories from his time at Commodore as well as Atari, Commodore Microcomputer magazine and Power/Play Magazine
      • ======================================================================
        • Albert Charpentier (VIC, VIC-II creator)
        • Andy Finkel (Software Engineer)
          • member of the VIC Commandos, was C64 developer software manager, head of the games group, software manager, Amiga software manager, then director of Amiga software, then CDTV consultant.
        • Benny Pruden
          • Commodore Cash Register firmware (including printer mechanism driver)
            Pet Business BASIC extensions
            CP/M, CP/M-86, & Concurrent CP/M BIOS(s) for Super Pet
            1541 C64 floppy firmware release
            C64 Cheap / Fast floppy disk
            Super Pet Kernel bank switching routines
            1541 C64 floppy disk cost reduction
            Z8 based Universal Format floppy driver
            Another Fast Floppy disk prototype (With H/W shift register acceleration)
            Universal Format floppy custom chip architecture & firmware driver
            Amiga evaluation & floppy tweak
        • Bil Herd (Hardware Engineer)
          • Co-creator of the Commodore 128, Plus/4, TED.
        • Bob Russell
          •  Pet Computer: 2nd Generation (4000 & 8000 series)
          • Original CBM dual floppy disk drive
          • VIC-20: Convinced Management to make this a ‘real computer’
          • P and B Series: Oversaw the Kernel development.
          • C-64 and MAX
          • 1541 Disk Drive: Software to work with the C-64 timing.
          •  Z8000 Business Machines
        • Cary Sagedy 
          • Amiga Genloc, Emmy winning Broadcast camera for RCA
        • Dave Esposito
          • Calma IC Layout at MOS
        • Dave Haynie (Hardware Engineer)
          • Co-creator of the TED chip, C128, Amiga 2000, 3000, 4000.
        • Hedley Davis
          • LCD, 1351 Mouse, A3000, The Hedley Davis Memorial Disk Drive, SX52, A2024 Hires Monitor, CDTV-CR., XBOX, 3DO, WebTV. Spinning globe demo, debugged TED cassette code, Hedley Hires display.
        • Joe Myshko
          • VAX system administrator
        • Neil Harris
          • One of the Vic-20 Commandos that successfully brought bring the Vic-20 to market.
      • ======================================================================
      • Cynthia Solomon (with Brian Silverman) –
      • Her focus has been on personally expressive and intriguing learning environments for children. In 1966 she began collaborating with Seymour Papert on developing Logo, the first programming language designed for children. Papert and she wrote a paper, “Twenty things to do with a computer,” describing a collection of possible projects motivated by their work with children; it included turtle graphics and music projects. She has continued creating and advocating for computer-based projects and ways for young people to design their own projects. Currently she is exploring Logo’s turtle geometry through TurtleStitch and computerized embroidery machines. In 2016 she was awarded both the National Center for Women & Information Technology Pioneer Award and the Constructionism Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the recipient of the 2019 FabLearn Lifetime Achievement Award.

        Current books/papers

        Twenty things to do with a computer (1971) in Twenty Things to Do with a Computer: Forward 50 (2021)

        Inventive Minds: Marvin Minsky on Education (2019), co-editor.

        History of Logo (2020), co-author,

        TurtleStitching: At Least Twenty Things to Do with a Computer and a Computerized Embroidery Machine (2022), co-author, at

      • Stefany Allaire – She will will go into detail about The C256 Foenix Gen X which has a Dual CPU system with a 65C816 System + an Edge Connector that where you can add module with a second CPU. She is an accomplished entrepreneur and engineer who owns a business creating and selling modern implementations of computers with vintage computer flavoring. She has spoken at previous Vintage Computer Festivals.

      • Valerie See – “Tales from the Silicon Prairie: Working at Tandy / Radio Shack 1984-1994”
        • Valerie See worked at Tandy / Radio Shack on their computer line from 1984 – 1994, starting as a field service representative in upstate New York, and ending up as the manager of Computer Support (Tech Support) at Tandy headquarters in Fort Worth. In this talk, she’ll share memories of her time at Tandy / Radio Shack, running the gamut from sharing details of the publications, software, and hardware that Tech Support produced, to stories from the trenches working on Tandy line computers in the field and at Tech Support. In this 10 year period, Tandy computers moved from the Z80A-based Model I and Model II to 80386 based systems like the Model 4000, and even the first licensed non-IBM microchannel system, the Model 5000.

      • Kathy Kleiman – a pioneering attorney, programmer and data security auditor, is a historian of the ENIAC programmers. She co-founded ICANN’s Noncommercial Users Constituency in 1998. As an attorney she founded one of the first Internet Law practices. After attending ENIAC’s 40th anniversary and meeting the ENIAC programmers, Kleiman felt compelled to tell the untold story of the six women who programmed ENIAC, the first all-electronic, programmable computer; thus, she founded the ENIAC Programmers Project. She will be showing part of the documentary created about these women.

      • Bonnie Norman
        • Will tell us about the Lasertrak Flight Planning system which provided CDs (Compact Discs) of data for flight navigation in U.S. military jets. Lasertrak was a box containing a printer & a CD-ROM drive and was the same size as a pilot’s chart case (so it would fit in the plane). It was one of the first CD-ROM databases, updated monthly with navigation data.
        • Part of her story will be about famous people that she knew including Evi Nemeth, John Atanasoff IV, and Donald Ervin Knuth.
      • Burger Becky
        • Technical talk (Friday)

          • Rebecca will show how Bard’s Tale III, Tass Times in Tonetown and Dragons Wars were created. The dev tools, and the game language what was created to author will be discussed and all the challenges in creating 6502 code that will run without modification on the Apple ][, Atari 800 and the C64.

        • Historical talk (Sunday)

          • Listen to the tale of the first national video game tournament held, it’s problems, lack of foresight, and how Atari sent underage kids across the country to compete because they didn’t think a 16 year old would win a regional.

Updated April 15 2022.