VCF-SE 10.0 — Consignment

To offer things for consignment, you will need to fill out the VCF SE 10.0 Consignment Agreement (just click the link to download).  The following restrictions apply : Consignment Item Restrictions.

For your items you need to provide info on them using this VCFSE 10.0 Consignment Items Sheet   You will need BOTH the agreement and Items sheets.

If you need more than one of the item sheet (since you have more items) feel free to print more.

Filling these out in advance will save a lot of time getting your items ready at the show.

Please keep in mind that this is a Vintage Computer Festival and not a ham radio festival
or flea market.

We do not accept the following items:

  • Newer Computers.  Newer meaning  Pentium II PCs->, or  Intel based MACs
  • Televisions
  • Musical instruments
  • Audio equipment that was not explicitly made for use with a computer.  PC and Mac
    speakers are okay.  PA amplifiers and home audio speakers are not.
  • LD, CD or DVD players unless they were specifically made for use with a computer.

Also please remember if your items remain unsold you are RESPONSIBLE for picking them back up.