VCF East — Keynotes

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Updated September 10, 2020
  • Bill Mensch: “The Commodore Years” (Interviewed by Brian L. Stuart) – Bill recounts his years at Commodore.
  • Stefany Allaire: “The C256 Foenix”. Description of the development of this retro computer based on the WDC 65C816 running @ 14Mhz.
  • Bob Roswell: The Linotype Machine
  • Wil Lindsay: “Chip-8: Old Tech in a New Light” – How to program a Virtual Machine from 1978. What contemporary game design students can learn from old technologies
  • Fred Carl: “History of Camp Evans” A synopsis of the interesting history of Camp Evans from the Marconi Tower to Camp Evans to the InfoAge science musuems.
  • Tanner Collins: Flight Simulator Computer