Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest is this weekend!

It’s here! The inaugural Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest — we’ve been planning this for almost a year. The show is 10am-5pm this Saturday and Sunday at Living Computers: Museum+Labs, 2245 First Avenue South, Seattle, Washington. We are very excited about this new edition of the festival series. Please come check it out!

At the show you’ll find hands-on exhibits of historic computers from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, a consignment booth where you can buy or sell just about any vintage computing item, presentations on a variety of interesting topics, and much more. You can even purchase a Vintage Computer Federation mousepad or coffee mug.

Special thanks to our sponsor Hackaday and our supporters at the Association for Computing Machinery and IEEE History Center.


    1. Nothing official, but if you stop by the museum in the late afternoon / early evening then you can probably find people going to dinner.

  1. This was such a great event! My (engineery) teenager was soooo excited, what a great opportunity to meet people face-to-face and share mutual love of computers. So glad this is being preserved for future generations.

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