VCF West — Speakers

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9:00 Show opens
10:00-10:30 CHM State-of-the-state — Dag Spicer
10:30-11:00 Short finding! – Dwight Elvey
11:00-12:00 IBM 1401 Demonstration
11:30-12:30 Recap of VCF Italia – Cecelia Botta
1:00-2:30 Bits & Bytes – The Educational Computer Musical – Kevin Savetz
2:30-3:30 DEC PDP-1 Demonstration
3:00-3:30 FPGA Demonstration – Les Barrows
3:30-5:00 The Friendly Orange Glow – Brian Dear
5:00-6:00 IRATA.Online PLATO System – Thom Cherryhomes
6:00 Show closes, dinner at Tied House


9:00 Show opens
10:00-11:00 BasicNet archive: telling the story of the IT revolution – Cecelia Botta
11:00-11:30 FPGA Demonstration – Les Barrows
11:00-12:00 IBM 1401 Demonstration
1:00-2:30 The History of Digital Game IP, from Atari to Zynga – Bob Zeidman
2:30-3:30 DEC PDP-1 Demonstration
3:30-3:30 Short finding! – Dwight Elvey
3:30-5:00 The original DOS and the old days – Tim Paterson
5:00 Awards
5:30 Show closes

(Note: the Saturday/Sunday sessions about short-finding and FPGAs are the same on both days.)

Cecilia Botta — Vintage Computer Festival Italia / Apple Exhibition — The first Vintage Computer Festival in Italy took place earlier this year. This will be a recap of the show with pictures and discussion about the exhibits, talks, and more.

Bob Zeidman — The History of Digital Game Intellectual Property from Atari to Zynga — Bob will explain various forms of intellectual property (IP)—copyrights, trade secrets, and patents—and how they have been used, and can be used currently, to protect the development of computer hardware and software. He will discuss some of the most important cases involving computer games, the precedents they set, and how they affected our current understanding of applying IP laws to computers and computer software.

Tim Paterson — The original DOS at Seattle Computer Products — Tim will reminiscence about the early days of computing (which somewhat serendipitously put him in position to write DOS), such as building S-100 computers his college dorm room, and on to his role in early retail computer store, before forming Seattle Computer Products.

Kevin Savetz — Bits & Bytes, The Educational Computer Musical! — Kevin Savetz (of ANTIC: The Atari 8-Bit Podcast) will tell the history of Bits & Bytes, a 1983 educational musical theater production that taught 60,000 elementary school children about computers. The story is about Happy, a naive girl who goes into a computer store for the first time, wondering if a computer can “solve all her problems and make her truly happy.” A pushy salesman tries to sell her a computer with the help of wacky sidekicks. Happy learns that a computer cannot really think, and is not a substitute for human friends.

Brian Dear –PLATO, The Friendly Orange Glow — Brian will explore a few examples of the PLATO system’s notable developments not just in hardware and software but in online culture as well. One notable, under-appreciated aspect of PLATO is the role it played in ushering in the social, or inter-personal, computer revolution before the personal computer revolution got underway.

Thom Cherryhomes — IRATA.ONLINE PLATO emulator — Thom will talk about a present day PLATO system for vintage computers that can connect to the Internet. He’ll demonstrate that system and will talk about the possibilities of what it can do for vintage computer users.