VCF West — Exhibits

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Registered exhibits and Schedule for Saturday 8/1/2020:

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Start (PST) Title Presenter
9:00 AM Introduction and Welcome Erik Klein
9:15 AM Sol20 Helios Disk System Corey Cohen
9:30 AM Processor Technology Sol20 in Action Francis Bauer
9:45 AM Operating an Apollo DSKY Display Panel Carl Claunch
10:00 AM Magnetic Tape Data Recovery Len Shustek
10:25 AM Whirlwind Guy Fedorkow
11:00 AM 6502 Assembly Language Programming Stephen A. Edwards
11:45 AM 4004 Electronic Maneuvering Board. Dwight Elvey
12:00 PM Meetup in NeoHabitat The MADE
12:30 PM PDP History and Operation David Gesswein
1:15 PM ENIAC Brian L. Stuart
1:25 PM ENIAC Technical Manual Bugs Brian L. Stuart
2:00 PM Core64 Andy Geppert
2:15 PM Amiga Video Toaster Bill Winters
2:30 PM Univac 490 Real Time Computer Bob Roswell
3:00 PM IBM 1620 Jr. Dave Babcock
3:15 PM Nova 445 Homebrew Retro Steve Toner
3:30 PM Retroshield for Arduino Mega Erturk Kocalar
3:45 PM Genesis of the 6502 Bill Mensch and Stephen Edwards
4:45 PM Talking Tech with Bill Mensch, Eric S. and Bil H. Bil Herd, Bill Mensch, Eric Schlaepfer
5:55 Show Closes VCF Board