VCF East — Vendors

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Updated September 7, 2020.

For VCF East 2020, since we are doing a virtual show there will be no vendors.

Does your business want to have a commercial sales booth at the VCF East? The cost is $30 per table, for Saturday and Sunday (a bargain!) and you can order as many tables as you want. Contact to reserve your spot. The deadline is Friday, April 19. After that the price goes up to $45 per table. All spots are on a first come, first serve basis.

We rearranged the show layout last year, so that vendors will have copious space! No more being packed in like sardines.

Note: Vendors are sellers of commercial products such as those listed below, while consignment is for individuals selling their personal vintage computer items.

Registered vendors include:

  • Western Digital (MOS 65xx-based microprocessors, microcontrollers, and related support devices)
  • Drakware (designs and builds modern adapters and accessories for vintage computers)
  • Francis Bernier (Commodore ram upgrades/replacements, Vic-20 carts)
  • Spencer Owen (RC2014 range of Z80 based retro computer kits)
  • Todd George (Vintage Computer parts and equipment