System Source Free Pile

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System Source Swap Meet Free Pile

There will be a free pile for anyone to giveaway any items that they don’t feel will sell.

Sellers who have paid for a spot will have first opportunity access to
this “free pile” before the start of the event and in all cases items
are available on a strict first come, first serve basis.

Additionally, both sellers and buyers are welcome to put items in this
“free pile” with the understanding of certain rules.

1. Please ask a System Source staff member for permission at the event to put
any items in the free pile.
2. Please understand the policy for the free pile is that anything you
leave which remains at the end of the event must be taken home by you
(or someone you designate). System Source cannot be held responsible for storing
or recycling it.

Thanks and happy free hunting!

Bob Roswell
Updated May 18, 2022.