Steering Committee Marcus Mera

Title: “Revitalizing Our Heritage: A New Era for the Vintage Computer Federation”


Hello, I’m Marcus Mera, a multifaceted professional with experience in video game design, production of ‘Colossal Cave 3D,’ jewelry making, fashion design, and 3D modeling and 3D printing. My journey began with a Commodore 64 and running my own BBS, fueled by a profound passion for vintage computers, classic video games, and technology. This path has led me to the Vintage Computer Federation, where I’m eager to contribute my energy and expertise.

Part 1: Expanding Our Reach

As a passionate advocate for the Vintage Computer Federation, I’m committed to preserving the rich history of computers and software programming. My goal is to engage a younger audience and grow our membership base through innovative strategies and fresh ideas. I’m actively seeking partnerships with governmental entities to broaden our reach and impact.

Part 2: Bridging Video Games and Vintage Computing

The history of video games plays a pivotal role in computer development, and I believe this is an area we can further leverage. By highlighting how the Apple II influenced the gaming industry, with pioneers like Ken and Roberta Williams of Sierra Online and Richard Garriott of Ultima, we can attract new enthusiasts. The evolution of games like ‘Colossal Cave’ from teletype to VR exemplifies this intersection.

Part 3: Enhancing Organizational Efficiency and Revenue

I aim to improve our warehouse organization, optimizing space and managing surplus sales, while uncovering rare items for our museum. Furthermore, I plan to introduce new revenue streams, potentially through collaborations and sponsorships, leveraging my connections in the gaming industry.

Part 4: Community Engagement and My Dedication

I’ve been actively involved in maintaining our grounds, controlling the lantern fly population, and volunteering at festivals and swap meets. Additionally, I focus on creating content for our social media platforms and distributing brochures at various conventions, all to enhance our community presence and engagement.

Part 5: Collaborations with Influencers

By partnering with YouTubers and influencers in the retro community, we can amplify our reach and attract new members. These collaborations will help in spreading the word and enhancing our visibility.

Conclusion: Openness to Ideas and Future Enhancements

I’m always ready to discuss new ideas and work collaboratively. Enhancing our museum experience and growing our festival each year are key goals. I believe in teamwork and the collective realization of our dreams.

Interactive Element

I welcome any questions and am readily available on Twitter at @drguillotinetv