Steering Committee Ian Litchfield

I am interested in joining the steering committee due to my love for VCFed and the museum. Since my first time experiencing VCF East and attending workshops I have strived to get more involved in this amazing group. I have been volunteering in the museum as a docent since Early 2021 and have seen and assisted in the museum’s progress. If you have not been in the museum since last year I implore the membership to come by for a members tour during this upcoming Festivus!
Doug Crawford, the museum manager has been making huge strides in making our museum into an education center per our mission statement and I would like to be a part of the body that oversees and implements these additions. If elected to a position on the steering committee I will make it my goal to see the ambitions of the group on our upcoming projects and to act as a voice for our members who have concerns regarding our artifacts.
Thank you for the nomination and I look forward to the opportunity!