Position Statement for Ethan O’Toole

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Ethan O’Toole – Position Statement for Steering Committee 

Thanks for the consideration! I started life in the Atari 8-bit world,
then moved to PC (Tandy 1000sx!) Since those days I have gone through
stages of collecting including a strong UNIX system fandom (SGI and Sun.)
These days I have mostly been sticking to smaller systems that are not
refrigerator sized such as Atari, Amiga and Macintosh systems.

My first VCF East was probably 2016 or 2015. Recently I have assisted with
streaming and recording at VCF East. External to VCF I have been involved
with or volunteered with a number of events including MAGFest, MAGStock,
B-Sides Charm, HOPE, Ring of Fire CON (Virginia Beach), Freeplay in
Chesapeake VA and a number of other events.

Outside of vintage computer stuff I poke at synthesizer/MIDI equipment
repair, arcade and pinball machine repair, LASER show and light show
systems, SCUBA diving and other geeky hobbies.