Position Statement for Ethan O’Toole

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Ethan O’Toole – Position Statement for Steering Committee 

Background wise I have been involved in events for a number of years.
Helped with the HOPE conference in NYC doing streaming and special
projects for a number of years. Helped in the early launch times of a
sci-fi con called ROFCon in Virginia Beach. Helped heavily with a video
game music and video gaming event called MAGFest (peak attendence 23,500.)
Have done AV work (With help of others!) more recently for VCF and some
other events. Co-ran a few mini Makerfaires in Norfolk Virginia and a
number of other events. I also ran a hackerspace in Norfolk for a few
years (it’s a makerspace with a different name.)

I have seen the back ends of a number of events. Helped with marketing,
some slight fundraising and other bits. Good chance this could be useful
to VCF as we look to grow!

Of course I am involved in the hobby and have been for many years. Also
have hobbies that involve lighting, power control, AMX automation, and a
bunch of other things that could be useful for the museum. I tend to be
pretty creative.

Fun times, have a good one!