Cynthia Solomon’s Biography

Her focus has been on personally expressive and intriguing learning environments for children. In 1966 she  began collaborating with Seymour Papert on developing Logo, the first programming language designed for children. Papert and she wrote a paper, “Twenty things to do with a computer,” describing a collection of possible projects motivated by our work with children; it included turtle graphics and music projects. She has continued creating and advocating for computer-based projects and ways for young people to design their own projects. Currently she is exploring Logo’s turtle geometry through TurtleStitch and computerized embroidery machines. In 2016 she was awarded both the National Center for Women & Information Technology Pioneer Award and the Constructionism Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the recipient of the 2019 FabLearn Lifetime Achievement Award.

Current books/papers

Twenty things to do with a computer (1971) in Twenty Things to Do with a Computer: Forward 50 (2021)

Inventive Minds: Marvin Minsky on Education (2019), co-editor.

History of Logo (2020), co-author,

TurtleStitching: At Least Twenty Things to Do with a Computer and a Computerized Embroidery Machine (2022), co-author, at