Bio Kate Fox

Kate Fox, known to most as “The Macintosh Librarian“, is a YouTube creator interested in the myriad of ways computers and technology have been incorporated into early academics. Together with her trusted sidekick Maccy, the plucky puppet presence who has taken up primary residence inside of a Macintosh SE/30, Ms. Fox explores classic or “retro” computing and edutainment with an eye for how technology is framed for younger users. Outside of her YouTube work, Kate is an electrical engineer interested in all things electronic and the history thereof. Having grown up with two teachers for parents, she was introduced to computers earlier than most people, and she’s been in love with them ever since.

Maccy, the popular puppet sidekick of the Macintosh Librarian, is a fun loving cartoon character who spends most of his time playing classic edutainment games while living inside of a Macintosh SE/30. Anything from Broderbund or Maxis is a winner in his book. He joins an extended cast of computer puppets that include Twoee, the Apple IIE, and Gessie, the Apple IIGS computers.