Albert J. Charpentier Biography

Albert J. Charpentier has over forty years of management experience in consumer electronics technology, with expertise in the semiconductor, electronics and computer related industries and has been awarded 15 patents during his career.

2017 – to Present, Lead Hardware Architect Consultant to BodiData Inc.

Responsible for all aspects of the scanner hardware platform. Including Industrial design, radar system, CPU electronics.

 2011-2017 Founder, CTO of AgileSwitch Corp.

Co-Founder responsible for the building the team to design gate drivers, the electronics that controls solar power systems and EVs.  The company was sold to Microchip in 2019.

 2000-2008 Founder, CTO of Intellifit Corp.

Responsible for building the company from the ground up in a new concept in apparel retailing, including business plan development, fund raising and technological leadership.  In 1999 the company was founded with the vision to provide better fitting clothes to consumers though technology.  Intellifit licensed and commercialized a new millimeter wave technology that obtain consumer measurements in 20 seconds directly thought their clothes. Intellifit was acquired by Unique Solutions, Ltd. in January 2009.

1998 -2002 Chairman, Interim CEO, Activ-E Corporation.

A group of Investors purchased a controlling in Activ-E in 1998.  Mr. Charpentier became Chairman and interim CEO, managing the company for six months until a new CEO was found.  Activ-E was a successful turn around and executed on a new business model.  The company was acquired by Neoware Corp in 2002

1983-1998 Founder, CEO, CTO Ensoniq Corp.

Ensoniq Corporation was a leading manufacturer of high-end electronic musical instruments and audio chips and add-in audio cards for PCs.   Ensoniq was founded in 1983 Ensoniq became the lead producer of audio chips and cards to the OEM computer makers, such Dell, Gateway, IBM and HP.  In 1998 Ensoniq was purchased by Creative Technology LTD, a Singapore Company known for its SoundBlaster audio brand.

1975-1982 Commodore Computer Corp.

Prior to founding Ensoniq, Mr. Charpentier was Vice President of Engineering at Commodore Computers where he led the development team responsible for the Commodore 64 Computer.

Mr. Charpentier has designed chips (silicon), hardware and software (systems) in the following areas:  calculators, microprocessors, ROM, DRAM, SRAM, video chips, audio chips, hearing aids, and radar systems and holds fifteen patents in these fields.