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The conference hall, with 150 seats, will host a rich program of talks and panel discussions open to all. Click here for details in Italian.

Famous Italian computer designer Gastone Garziera will discuss Olivetti and the birth of the Olivetti Programma 101, considered by many as the first personal computer. Sandro Graciotti, Olivetti’s technician, will tell us about the birth of the M24 and much more information about the history of computer technology during the 1980s.

We will also host international guests, such as Lee Felsenstein, who was moderator of the Homebrew Computer Club as well as chief engineer of the Processor Technology Sol-20 and the Osborne portable computer.

Saturday, April 28th there will be two meetings regarding the digital world. A morning panel discussion is dedicated to children of Generation Z, led by Marco Marinacci, former director of MCmicrocomoputer, and by Stefano del Furia, teacher, speaker, and author of computer books. In the afternoon, Rai Scuola invited four protagonists of the Italian history of the personal computer: Gino Roncaglia, philosopher and historical author of the RAI TV show Mediamente; Corrado Giustozzi, former director of Byte Italia and unforgettable writer of the industry’s reference magazine MCmicrocomputer; Doriano Guerrieri; Apple’s Italy sales and marketing manager in the early 1980s; and Stefano Ferilli, head of the museum’s collection at Universita degli studi di Bari.

On Sunday the 29th at 2:00pm there will be a showing of “The Commodore Wars” documentary film on the fascinating birth of the personal computer, the machine that changed our lives forever.

Saturday, April 28

11.00am : Vintage Meet Generation Z

1:45pm: Apple-1 Annual Power Up by

2:30pm: Olivetti Programma 101

3:15pm: Olivetti in 1980 and birth of the M24

4:00pm: Digital World Round Table

5:30pm: Lee Felsenstein: Thoughts on Computer History From a Participant

6:30pm: Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante and MIAI

Sunday, April 29

9:00am: Apulia Retrocomputing: A look at the past to understand the future

9:30am: Museo Piemontese dell’Informatica

10:00am: Luigi Dadda and the first European continental computer

10:30am: Dipartimento di Informatica dell’Università di Verona: Innovative museum for a wide dissemination of scientific culture

11:00am: Mauro Cuomo: Steve and I

12:00pm: Corrado Giustozzi interviews Lee Felsenstein

2:00pm: The 8-bit Generation film “The Commodore Wars”