VCF West — Speakers

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Following are this year’s VCF West presenters (click here for the schedule):

Carl Claunch — Carl is a key member of the Computer History Museum’s technical restoration team. He worked on their project to restore an original Apollo Guidance Computer. Formerly he was a Gartner analyst and had a long career in computer engineering.


Corey Cohen — Corey is widely considered the world’s foremost Apple 1 expert, not counting Steve Wozniak and the guys in the garage! He will lead the Apple 1 owners discussion panel and will discuss restoration techniques. He’s also a Vintage Computer Federation board member.


Bil Herd — Bil is the father of the Commodore 128 and is a regular guest at VCF events. This year he’s lecturing about the affects of age and heat on electronic components.



Frank O’Brien — Frank wrote the book on the Apollo Guidance Computer and is a NASA ambassador. By day he works in corporate IT and is a supply-chain expert.