Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest

VCF Pacific Northwest (VCF PNW) launched in 2018 at Living Computers:Museum+Labs in Seattle, WA. We had a great time and did it again (bigger and better!) in 2019. The event pages with the list of exhibitors, presentations, and photos can be found on our archives page.

We have already started planning for 2020! Living Computers:Museum+Labs will be hosting us again on Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd. We are looking for the following:

  • Exhibitors: Interactive exhibits are the heart of a VCF event.
  • Speakers: Interesting presentations are a big draw for our visitors.
  • Volunteers: Help us make this possible! Pitch in with some grunt work and enjoy the satisfaction of making a VCF event possible!

If you are remotely interested send me an email and I can fill in the details. I’ll also be posting a FAQ for exhibitors and speakers too. If you have been a visitor to a previous VCF event and want to give feedback I welcome that too.

Until then, Happy retrocomputing!


Michael Brutman
VCF PNW President, CEO, and Executive Floppy Disk Shuffler