Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest

Seattle Skyline is proud to announce VCF Pacific Northwest 2019!

Join us in Seattle on March 23rd and 24th for two days of exhibits, presentations, and general vintage computing goodness.  Reconnect with old friends, peruse the consignment area, and enjoy both the event and the museum that is hosting us.

When: Saturday March 23rd and Sunday March 24th, 2019

Where: Living Computers: Museum+Labs, 2245 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98134 (Map, Directions)

Hours: To Be Determined, but probably 10:00am to 5:00pm like last year

Exhibits: Our current list of exhibitors includes:

  • Rick Bensene, Notable and Unusual Early Electronic Calculators
  • Alan Perry, Attack of the SPARC Clones
  • Josh Dersch, 40 Years of the Three Rivers PERQ
  • Geoff Pool, From Minix to Linux – An Early History of the Origins of the Linux Kernel
  • Stephen M. Jones, SDF Public Access UNIX System (v2)
  • David Cooper, A VAX Cluster
  • John Ball, AppleTalk – Apple’s First Generation Network Protocol
  • Vincent Slyngstad, PDP-8 Repair and Reanimation
  • Rob Carnegie and friends, Chilliwack/Fraser Valley Retro-Computing Club
  • Patrick Finnegan, TeleVideo Computers
  • Foone Turing, Floppy and Optical disks
  • Madeline Autumn-Rose, CompuServe: Their PDP-10 Clones
  • Mark D. Overholser, Networking and Networked Games on 8 bit systems
  • Chris Henkel, Early PC based Engineering Workstations
  • Sergey Kiselev, Retro Brew Computing – Do-it-yourself 8-bit Single Board Computers
  • George Amores, Commodore 64 vs. Commodore Plus 4
  • Luther Johnson, MakerLisp Machine
  • Joerg Hoppe, BlinkenBone, Program a PDP-11/70 over reanimated front panel
  • Josh Dersch & Joerg Hoppe, UniBone – a Linux to UNIBUS bridge makes a PDP-11/05 run
  • Andras Tantos, Simulating Cray Supercomputers
  • Eric Weidenbacher, Rule, Britannia! – Exploring Early MIDI Music Support in Ultima V
  • Jason Howe, Atari 800 Productivity
  • Oscar Vermeulen, Replica’s of classic computers
  • Larry Pezzolo, From MINI to MICRO
  • J.P. McGlinn, SGI Indigo
  • Jeff Kaylin, Keith Hayes, & Angelo Papenhoff, DEC PDP-6 Restoration and Emulation
  • Darek Mihocka, 40 Years of Atari Home Computers
  • Ian Finder, Only Amiga Makes It Necessary

Speakers:  Our current list of speakers includes:

  • Geoff Pool, Minux and Linux
  • John Durno, Software preservation
  • Steve Jamieson, A Brief History of British Computing
  • Joe Decuir, TBD but it’ll be good no matter what
  • Lars Brinkhoff, ITS on the PDP-10

Consignment: Need to thin your collection a little bit?  Or are you looking to pick up something new and interesting? We will have a consignment room to help! The consignment room is open to everybody – please see the consignment page for more information.

Don’t forget: Living Computers: Museum+Labs is an incredible museum! Bring your camera, bring your children, and enjoy all that LC:ML and VCF have to offer.

Other Seattle attractions: Joining us from outside of the area?

  • Seattle for Visitors to VCF PNW has a pretty good list of things to do while you are in Seattle for both techies and non-techies.
  • Connections Museum Seattle will be open for an additional set of hours just for us on Monday, March 25th between 10am and 2pm.  The museum features working panel and crossbar electro-mechanical central office switches, antique telephones, switchboards, outside plant displays, and other related communications equipment and machines.

Do you need more reasons to attend?

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If you have questions, suggestions or comments please contact me:

Michael Brutman
VCF PNW President, CEO, and Executive Floppy Disk Shuffler