Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest

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Exhibitor registration is open!  Sign up here to join us: VCF PNW 2019 Registration

(Psst!  We are doing it again!)

VCF PNW 2019 is scheduled for Saturday March 23rd and Sunday March 24th, 2019. We will be at Living Computers: Museum+Labs in Seattle again.

Our tentative list of exhibits and presentation topics so far:

  • Vintage calculators
  • Attack of the SPARC Clones
  • 40 Years of the Three Rivers PERQ
  • From Minix to Linux (exhibit and presentation)
  • Casio Loopy: Japanese Printing Computer
  • SDF Public Access UNIX System (v2)
  • A DEC VAX Cluster
  • AppleTalk – Apple’s First Generation Network Protocol
  • PDP-8 Repair and Reanimation
  • Chilliwack/Fraser Valley Retro-Computing Club
  • TeleVideo Computers

Does hanging out and talking shop with other vintage computer enthusiasts for a weekend sound awesome to you? If so, join us – it’s not difficult! We need exhibitors, speakers and volunteers to make this happen. Contact me directly if you have questions and I can explain how all of this works.

Need some motivation?

Michael Brutman, (VCF PNW President, CEO, and Executive Floppy Disk Shuffler)

When: Saturday March 23rd and Sunday March 24th, 2019

Where: Living Computers: Museum+Labs, 2245 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98134 (Map, Directions)

Hours: To Be Determined, but probably 10:00am to 5:00pm like last year

Exhibits: Exhibitor Registration is open! Please visit VCF PNW Registration for instructions and a link to the registration form.

Speakers: We are actively looking for speakers.  If you would like to give a presentation or know somebody who should please contact me ( Share your knowledge with a friendly crowd – it’s fun!

Consignment: Need to thin your collection a little bit?  Or are you looking to pick up something new and interesting? We will have a consignment room to help! The consignment room is open to everybody – please see the consignment page for more information.

Don’t forget: Living Computers: Museum+Labs is an incredible museum! Bring your camera, bring your children, and enjoy all that LC:ML and VCF have to offer.

Other Seattle attractions: Joining us from outside of the area?  Here are a few more things you might want to check out.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments please contact VCF PNW producer Michael Brutman (