VCF East — Vendors

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Does your business want to have a commercial sales booth at the VCF East? Contact for details. Note: VCF East is not a flea/swap event. Individual sellers should use consignment.

The following vendors are registered so far for VCF East XII.

Jeff GalinatS-100 boards/components, Apple II computers, microprocessor trainers, early 8-bit IBM PC cards, vintage CPUs, support chips, and other vintage components.

Herb Johnson — Lee Hart’s COSMAC 1802 Membership Card kits
(like the original COSMAC ELF), Apple IIe computers, S-100 stuff, and more.

Corsham Technologies — We’ll display a line of KIM-1 and SS-50 expansion boards. For the KIM-1, the widely known I/O board will be on display, along with a 60K RAM board and a new 60K RAM/EPROM board. The EPROM includes xKIM, which provides an extension to the built-in KIM monitor. Functions include better file loading options along with support for the Corsham Tech SD Card System… yes, it can load binary files from an SD card, do disk directories, and show contents of files! The SS-50 products include a line of boards for SWTPC, GIMIX, and PERCOM systems, as well as complete clones. Boards include high-density memory, SD card disk systems, serial boards, parallel boards, 6800 and 6809 CPU cards, and motherboards. — We will offer Enigma(s) and other early cipher machines along with early computer-related apparatus. This will include: “The Story of the Enigma” CD-ROM; World War II and Cold War-era German, American, Swiss and Russian cipher machines; vintage IBM punch cards and a manual IBM card punch; early digital communications equipment including very early telegraph instruments; an original Edison clockwork-driven multiplex system breadboard; and more.

Jim Gonzalez — Omni System will bring a variety of PDP8 (Omnibus) and PDP11 (Unibus & Q-Bus) modules, parts, peripherals, documentation and accessories. There will also be a variety of other DEC and Non-DEC equipment including Rainbow/PC100 parts/systems, Emulex/DataRam/Dynus/Plessey controllers, DEC terminals, PC XT systems and monitors, Commodore Systems, floppy drives, tape drives, Iomega Bernoulli drives, and small printers for PiDP8 systems. Jim Gonzalez has an extensive background on DEC systems working as a DEC District Support Engineer on equipment ranging from the oldest systems and peripherals such as PDP8/S/I/L with DF32/RF08 to newer systems such as WPS8, 11/83, 11/84 and MicroVax systems and just about everything in between. Here’s a partial list of equipment available.