VCF East — Vendors

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Does your business want to have a commercial sales booth at the VCF East? The cost is $30 per table, and you can order as many tables as you want. Contact to reserve your spot. The deadline is Friday, April 20.

We rearranged the show layout as of 2018 so vendors will have copious space! No more being packed in like sardines.

Note: VCF East is not a flea/swap event. Individual sellers should use consignment.

The following vendors are registered. Please check back for updates!

  • (Herb Johnson) —  S-100 cards, Apple IIe computers, COSMAC 1802 Membership Cards
  • Corsham Technologies (Bob Applegate) — Corsham Technologies will display our new KIM clone, KIM-1 accessories, and a complete line of SS-50 machines including a motherboard, I/O boards, 6800/6809 CPU boards, and a mass storage system using a microSD card.
  • Jeff Galinat — S-100 boards, early 8-bit IBM-PC cards, Apple II items, various retrocomputing projects, vintage chips, and other vintage computing goodies.
  • Jim Gonzalez — DEC PDP-8 (Omnibus) and PDP-11 (Unibus & Q-Bus) modules, parts, peripherals, documentation, and accessories. Also PC XT and DEC Rainbow systems, monitors, floppy drives, tape drives, Iomega Bernoulli drives, and small printers for PiDP-8 systems.