VCF East – Classes

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Note: The sessions on Friday. May 3 are technical classes, not historical lectures. All of the classes are beginner/intermediate-level. All of them are classroom-style. They focus on vital tips and advice for configuring and repairing vintage hardware/software. (Schedule subject to change)


Location & Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
9:30-10:30 (Classes) Component Aging/Heat: Bil Herd Apple II: Tony Bogan What’s NeXT?: Bryan Caudle
10:40-11:40 (Classes) Terminals: Ian Primus Atari 400/800: Bill Lange Networking: Andy Diller
11:50-12:50 (Classes) Hard Drives: Jason Perkins Classic Mac: Tony Bogan Headless Booting: Stephen Edwards
Panel Discussion: DIY Computing (Room 1)
3:20-4:20 (Classes) CRTs 101: Ian Primus C- 64: Chris Fala SimH: David Gesswein
4:30-5:30 (Classes) Vintage Computing & Raspberry Pi: Dave Test TRS-80: Dean Notarnicola Unusual Unix(es): Alex Jacocks
9:30-5:30 Makerspace – Glitchworks Single-Board Computer Workshop, the Sequel!
5:30-late Exhibit Hall Setup