VCF East – Classes

The technical lectures schedule and class descriptions for Friday, March 31 at VCF East XII will be announced soon. Following are the topics and presenters. Check back for more sessions as the show nears.

Detailed show schedule

How to use a PDP-8 – David Gesswein

“PiDP” Raspberry Pi PDP Replica – Oscar Vermeulen

Raspberry Pi Emulation – Dave Test

3-D Printing With 8-Bit Computers – Ethan Dicks

Computer Cosmetics — Corey Cohen

CRT Repair & Maintenance – Ian Primus

Enigma Machine Dissassembly — Tom Perera

Apple II Repair & Maintenance — Corey Cohen

Surface Mount Technology — Bil Herd

Commodore PET Repair & Maintenance — Todd George

3-D Printing with 8 Bits — Ethan Dicks

Viva Amiga! The documentary — Zach Weddington

Glitchworks Replica Workshop – Jonathan Chapman

VCF Shenanigans — Evan Koblentz