VCF East — Schedule

Time Saturday (October 10, 2020) Presenter
9:00 AM Ted Nelson’s Vision Eric Rangel
9:15 AM The Interactive Atari Jason Moore
9:30 AM Inside The Apple II Stephen Edwards
10:15 AM The Linotype Machine Bob Roswell
10:45 AM 6502 Graphics Evolution Alex Jacocks, Jonathan Sturges
11:15 AM FujiNet Thomas Cherryholmes
12:00 PM History of Camp Evans Fred Carl
12:45 PM C256 Foenix Stefany Allaire
1:45 PM Atari 8 Bit Bot, Apple // Bot Kay Savetz
2:00 PM Internet Streaming with Vintage Computers Amiga Bill
2:30 PM PDP-8/I Peripherals and CalComp Plotter David Gesswein
3:00 PM Printers Jason Perkins
3:30 PM Chip-8 Wil Lindsay
4:00 PM Vic-20 Fully Loaded Jeff Salzman
4:30 PM The Casio/Microsoft Connection Bill Degnan
5:00 PM Commodore Show And Tell Bil Herd, Dave Haynie
Time Sunday (October 11, 2020) Presenter
9:00 AM Serial Terminals, New and Old Eric Siegel, Dave Hunter
9:15 AM Flight Simulator Tanner Collins
10:00 AM IRIX 2020 Kazuo Kuroi
10:30 AM Yamaha C1 Ethan O’Toole
11:00 AM King’s Quest Marcus Mera
11:30 AM The Rise and Fall of Sierra On-Line Ken Williams
12:00 PM Commodore Assembly Jeff Salzman
12:45 PM Early Calculating Devices Bob Roswell
1:30 PM Xerox Star Jason Perkins
2:00 PM CRT Repair Ian Primus
2:45 PM 6502: First Five Years Ethan Dicks
3:15 PM VCF Museum Tour Corey Cohen
4:00 PM Making of the 6502 Harry Bawcom
5:00 PM Making of the 6502 Bill Mensch