Vintage Computer Festival events are a unique family-friendly experience. The events celebrate the history of computing! Festivals include a hands-on exhibition hall, where you’ll find dozens of up-and-running examples of historic computers. Minicomputers of the 1960s, homebrew systems of the 1970s, and microcomputers of the 1980s are all represented. Festivals also have lectures, consignment sales, technical classes, food, prizes, and much more.

Sellam Ismail, of Silicon Valley consultancy Vintage Tech Inc., founded the Vintage Computer Festival in 1997. Vintage Computer Federation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, acquired the flagship VCF East and VCF West editions in 2015. We also launched VCF Pacific Northwest in 2018.

We are supporters of VCF Italia and VCF Southeast.

Contact evan@vcfed.org if you’d like information on how to get a Festival in your area.

Upcoming editions of the Vintage Computer Festival:

There are other regional festivals using the VCF name, however these are fully independent from us.

Please visit the VCF Archives for information about past events.