Vintage Computer Festivals are a unique, fun, family-friendly experience that celebrate computing history through hands-on exhibits and presentations. Exhibits include old “big iron”, classic 8-bit home systems, modern replicas, homebrew projects, etc. Festivals also feature consignment sales and some feature classes and other activities.

Sellam Ismail founded the Vintage Computer Festival in 1997. After a multi-year lapse Vintage Computer Federation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, acquired the flagship VCF East and VCF West editions in 2015. Today all of our events are organized and run by dedicated volunteers. We are supporters of VCF Italia and VCF Southeast.

Contact info@vcfed.org if you’d like information on how to get a Festival in your area.

Upcoming editions of the Vintage Computer Festival:

Please visit the VCF Archives for information about past events.