VCF SE 8.0 — Hands On Activities

A favorite activity at the show returns this year – Learn to Solder!

So,  you feel inspired by all of the vintage 8-bit computers on display at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast?  Why not get yourself your very own 8-bit computer kit from the concessions stand, and build your own like 1975?  We have an assortment of 8-bit computer kits that range from Random Blinky boards to full functioning wrist watches.  Kits range from $5-$25.

Each of our kits contain a modern 8-bit Atmel processor and are pre-programmed in BASIC for their various function.  BASIC reprogramming kits are also available for $10 that include the software and USB programmer that allow you to re-purpose your kit for whatever purpose you dream up!

The list of kits includes:

  • Flashy Blinky  $5
  • Simon Memory Game  $10
  • POV Ruler $15
  • MOOD Medallion  $15
  • Programmable Musical Organ  $20
  • Digital Abacus with Algebraic and RPN Input Modes  $20 
    • We are also working on designs for a 3d printed case for the Digital Abacus…
  • Not So Smart Watch $25

We will have a dozen soldering irons hot and ready for you to use.  There will be knowledgeable staff ready and willing  to help you learn to solder, improve your skills (or even de-solder). We charge nothing for this service.  We can also help some with dead vintage computers.  We may ask you to come back to one of our monthly meetings if it’s a complicated vintage computer repair.

We also have a few left over 1802 COSMAC Membership Card and Spare Time Gizmos Elf 2000 kits if you are interested.  These are intermediate kits and will take some time to build  – so get to the show early.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • COSMAC 1802 Membership Card $50 (Rev E. RAM or ROM version)
  • Spare Time Gizmos Elk 2K $300 (2 HEX Displays with power supply)