Many more videos are posted!

We recently acquired a huge amount of video from the original Vintage Computer Festival West (1997-2007) in addition to our own videos from last month’s reincarnated Vintage Computer Festival West XI. The first batch of old & new videos are already processed and on our YouTube channel. Many more will be posted soon! Stay tuned to this blog or to our Facebook / Twitter accounts for updates. (PS.: Some of the audio quality isn’t great. We apologize for that.)

VCF West XI: news, photos, and more

Vintage Computer Festival West XI last weekend saw more than 1,000 attendees. Huge thank-you to all who attended, exhibited, gave lectures, consigned, volunteered, helped us spread the word, and supported us overall. Special thanks to the Computer History Museum for hosting us, Hackaday and The MADE for being sponsors, and the many organizations that helped with marketing including the Living Computer Museum, ACM, Computer Science Teachers Association, and CharityBuzz.

We are processing the lecture videos and will post links here when they’re ready.

Meanwhile, there are some excellent pictures, articles, and videos already online. Hackaday covered us here and here. Organizations and people who posted include TechRepublic, TechCrunch, San Jose Mercury NewsSD Times, Mike Brutman, Bill Degnan, and Jim Stephens. Jim also posted video as did Marc Verdiell. Let us know if you’d like to share your own media of the show!