VCF Newsletter — November 19, 2016

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“Hello world” from the Vintage Computer Federation

Welcome to the Vintage Computer Federation announcement list.

Vintage Computer Federation is a nationwide user group. We exist to enable hobbyists and spread knowledge of the history of computing (click here for the long version).

We’re the kind of people who might enjoy an 8-bit computer more than a 64-bit one. We would take a roll of paper tape or a stack of floppies ahead of a flash drive, an octal front panel over a mouse, and a 40-column display before a 40-inch LCD. When people say “Apple”, we think “II”; if we hear “IBM”, we think System/360! We’re not Luddites, just people who appreciate vintage computing the same as others appreciate antique automobiles.

Moreover, we’re a 501(c)3 non-profit. We evolved from the DNA of three previously separate organizations — the Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists user group, the Vintage Computer Forum, and the Vintage Computer Festival event series. Leaders of each group felt the time was right for an umbrella organization to grow the hobby. That’s what we are all about: enabling you in this hobby and expanding knowledge of computer history into the public consciousness. We also own an impressive collection, which we display at our own computer museum in Wall, New Jersey.

Every few weeks, we’ll send an email like this one to tell you about our activities, events, and related news. There is a handy unsubscribe link at the bottom, but we’d prefer that you forward it to friends who share your appreciation of vintage computing!

If you want even your news even more frequent and granular, then you’ve got options! Read our blog at, join the discussion forum there, like us at, and follow us through

Finally, if you have questions or comments, then please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Evan Koblentz
Director, Vintage Computer Federation