VCF Newsletter — February 7, 2017

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VCF East XII: T-minus two months! Tickets available online, exhibits almost full, Friday tech classes are scheduled

Vintage Computer Festival East XII happens in less than two months. Tickets are now available online and the exhibit hall is almost full. If you’re attending the show then we suggest acting soon, that way you won’t have to wait long at the door. If you intend to exhibit, it’s also a good idea to act soon so you don’t get shut out.

We reminded you in the last newsletter that our keynote speakers are Dr. Tom Perera (Enigma machine expert), Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup (inventor of C ), and Bill Degnan (panel discussion on 40 years of appliance computing).

Now we’re equally pleased to announce the Friday technical class schedule! There will be 12 standard classes, a documentary film screening, and a replica creation workshop.

Check out the complete VCF East XII schedule (subject to change) and visit the event homepage for the rest of the details.

VCF East XII is produced by Vintage Computer Federation, a national user group devoted to enabling hobbyists and spreading awareness of computer history. The Federation is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

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Evan Koblentz
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