VCF Newsletter — April 10, 2017

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VCF Southeast: April 29-30 featuring Don French, Andy Hertzfeld

Vintage Computer Festival Southeast is coming up on April 29-30 in Roswell, Georgia. This year’s event has two dozen exhibits; keynotes by Apple Macintosh pioneer Andy Hertzfeld and Tandy executive Don French; and a good assortment of vendors, consignment space, and technical workshops. The innovative Apple pop-up museum will also be there. The event is produced by our good friends at the Atlanta Historical Computing Society. Check it out if you live anywhere within a few hundred miles of Atlanta. Got questions? The event producer is Earl Baugh ( or (404) 915-8029.

Meanwhile, if you missed last weekend’s Vintage Computer Festival East (New Jersey), then we’ve got you covered! Here’s a picture thread. We will post many hours of video just as soon as we get it processed.

Are you out west? Vintage Computer Festival West is August 5-6 at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley.

Coming soon: a brand new edition of the Vintage Computer Festival in a new place! Look for our big announcement this summer. 🙂

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